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Let Us Pray

An Invocation for the November Camp Meeting

We ask your presence and blessings, O Lord, as we begin this assembly tonight. We recognize that without your mercy all efforts are useless. As General Stonewall Jackson, we rest in Your Providence.


We thank You for the noble principles of liberty and freedom. We pray Your protection and blessings upon all who step forward to embrace and enlarge these treasured truths.


It is, O Father, our hallowed desire to memorialize our Confederate forefathers and honor their courage and sacrifice. May we never bend the knee to the restless enemy who would seek to erase the nobility and the honor of the cause.


Accept now, O Father, our praise as we unite for this hour.


In the name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.



A Benediction for the November Camp Meeting

O Lord, we thank Thee for this hour. Our minds have been challenged and our emotions have been stirred. We are now better prepared to represent the righteous cause of our Southern ancestors.


We thank Thee for the great revivals that swept the Confederate camps and the Spiritual heritage that ever brightens our Southern lands. May we ever be true to the good message of Christ.


Give us safety now in our journeys and our hope to return to this good place once again.


In the name of Christ our Savior. Amen.