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Let Us Pray

An Invocation for the July Camp Meeting

Our Father, as Solomon of old we pray, “Take not away thy face from our nation.” We need your Divine Presence in our governmental deliberations. We need your Grace in our cities. We need your mercy in our homes. We need your guidance in our daily lives.


We know that You, O Lord, are the author of freedom. We know that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. As we stand before the Confederate Battle flag on this night we are reminded of our ancestors who established a Christian nation and who trusted in the Providence of God during the struggle to keep that nation free.


On this night, O Father, we honor the efforts and the memory of those Confederate heroes who believed in your so strongly and who loved their nation so deeply they stood against overwhelming forces to carve out as many moments of freedom as they could. Truly, dear Lord, we will not forget. Thank you for our Confederate heritage.


We offer this prayer in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.



A Benediction for the July Camp Meeting

Our Father, we thank You, for these moments of information and inspiration tonight. We thank you for young men of historic note who even in defeat did not settle for despair. Young men who returned to their homes after four years of conflict to rebuild the land and to live their faith. Their faith still resounds through the corridors of time, for the South is known as the Bible Belt.


Allow us, O Father, as we leave this place to follow their example. Let us do our duty as God allows us to see our duty. Let us be valiant defenders of liberty. In the face of ridicule and distortion let us keep the light of truth burning brightly.


In the name of Christ our Savior. Amen.